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Our goal is to connect youth with veterans and inspire them to take a greater interest in our nation’s history and freedoms. Last Fall we held our first contest and have been getting great feedback from students, teachers, and parents alike. (Read more HERE)

Students filmed interviews with a WWII veterans and mailed their unedited interviews to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Then the students edited the interviews into 3-5 minute video essays and submitted them via our website to be judged. We provided free editing resources, music and footage to help students give their film a creative edge. Prizes offered totaled nearly $10,000!


Library of Congress

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iHistory WW2 contest is proud to be working in cooperation with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project in helping to preserve the legacy of American servicemen and women.  The Library of Congress launched its efforts in 2000 and to date has collected nearly 90,000 veterans' oral histories, of which over 30,000 have been of WWII veterans.  According the National WWII Museum, there are still more than 1.2 million WWII servicemen alive and the iHistory WW2 project is looking forward to playing a part in working with the Library of Congress to ensure that as many of these stories as possible live on for this generation and for those yet to come.  Learn more about the Veterans History Project.

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