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Here is your challenge: Tell a story, and tell it well.

Veterans of World War II are relying on you. They lived through a remarkable period of America's history, but the stories of what they experienced will soon be forgotten. It's up to you, and students like you, to capture their stories on film. That's what the iHistory WW2 contest is about.

Phase One of the contest begins August 19, 2013 and runs until November 20, 2013 during which time students (ages 13-18) will film interviews of WWII veterans about their experiences during the war. All interviews will then be mailed to the Library of Congress to be archived as part of the Veteran's History Project. When you register, you will have access to guides that will help you find a veteran and conduct the interview, including a Sample Questionnaire.

The Worthington Foundation is proud to be working in cooperation with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project in helping preserve the legacy of American servicemen and women. The students' full interviews of the veterans will be permanently archived in the American Folk Life Center of the Library of Congress.

Phase Two of the contest, students will compete for prizes by editing their copy of the full interview into a 3-5 minute mini-documentary. Students will then submit their mini-documentary video to the contest via our website from October 1 through November 20, 2013.

Through our iHistory WW2 website ( we are providing free resources such as music, archival WWII footage, and editing tools to assist the students in transforming their interviews into creative 3-5 minute documentaries to submit for the contest. The deadline for all submissions is November 20, 2013.

Criteria to be judged by online voting and a panel of qualified judges are:

  • A compelling story of personal sacrifice.
    • Coverage of any of these virtues: courage, perseverance, integrity, loyalty, honor, respect, leadership, humility, forgiveness, or overcoming prejudice.
    • Content to be accurate and informative.
    • Innovative and unique approaches to tell the story creatively.
  • Quality of production (clarity of audio, lighting, visual aesthetics, cinematography, music and sound effects appropriate to actions on the screen).
  • Quality of editing (continuity, pace to prevent boredom or negative adaptation, appropriate graphics).

Prizes, with an approximate total value of $11,000, will be awarded to the top five films that demonstrate excellence in editing and creative storytelling. The Grand Prize winner and his or her school will each receive a package which includes a Blackmagic Cinema Camera with a Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens. Winners will be announced on or about February 2014.

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Sponsor: Worthington Foundation, Inc.