iHISTORY WW2: Tips & Tricks | World War II Oral History Competition

The Worthington Foundation wants to bring history to life for students all over America via the iHistory WW2 video competition. The stories of World War II veterans may die with them, but young people have a chance to preserve the legacies of these heroes.


Educators, your help is essential in making iHistory WW2 a success. While the contest relies on students’ video submissions, you can spread the word about the contest and guide students through the process. Here are some suggestions and resources to help you get students involved in preserving the memories of this important era:


  • Print our poster Click Here.
  • Hang the poster on your classroom bulletin board and/or the teachers’ lounge.
  • Integrate the contest into your lesson plan (perhaps for extra credit).
  • Arrange for the contest to be announced via your school’s public-address system using your own or our prewritten message.
  • Announce the contest during your school’s next assembly.
  • If available, provide resources from the school for the students (eg. video cameras, lighting equipment, computers for editing).
  • Remind students to vote for their favorite videos on YouTube.


We hope these suggestions motivate and inspire you to spread the word about the iHistory WW2 video contest!


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Sponsor: Worthington Foundation, Inc.