"Participating in the contest made me have a different outlook on the way I see things everyday. Sometimes, I forget about what I take for granted. It made me feel like I made an impact for generations to come by giving them the ongoing gift of knowledge."
- Student
"I learned how to make a video have a more meaningful feel to it. Making this video taught me that I take the rights I have everyday for granted and that I should thank those that served for the rights that I have today. My veteran was very thankful that I took the time to interview him when really it was my place to thank him!"
- Student
"Let me express to you how much my daughter's participation in your iHistory Contest has meant to us. She wants to go to college for filmmaking, and found your information online. We thought it sounded like a great experience for a "first timer" like herself. We were very pleased to have her participate in such a worthy project helping to document veteran's personal stories for the Library of Congress, and applaud you for designing a contest to get teens involved in the effort."
- Parent
"My students were able to put a face on the facts from their textbook, and turn a lesson from their history class into a meaningful experience. Many asked questions of our WWII veteran, and many just sat and listened. The looks on all their faces spoke volumes…. this was not just a moment they read about; this was a time in America that changed the future of the world. Several students chose to stay and talk with him even after the bell rang to change classes. During the class change, more students from all over the school came in to listen to what he had to say. "
- Teacher
"I enjoyed interviewing [a WWII veteran], because I learned more about the situation in WWII. I learned a lot about windows movie maker. I want to do the next contest because I like to hear about veterans war stories. I like to learn how they saw war."
- Student
"I got to make a short film that I was really proud of and I felt really made an impact on people. I got to spread my WWII veterans message to people that wouldn't have heard it otherwise, and I feel like it was an important message to send. I'm really glad I participated. It made me feel really proud to know that I became a part of history and got to preserve the veterans story."
- Student

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